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CEE CN Central Eastern European Citizens Network

The Network aims to promote citizen participation in the Central and Eastern Europe and provide possibilities of learning and sharing the experience and ideas promoted by the citizen`s grass-root initiatives.

The Network`s aim is to ensure the democratic system through citizen participation. The democratic system is stable when there is a strong action and belief in free citizen participation. Both principles are rather new in the Central and Eastern Europe and should be promoted.

More about the Network:

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HAN University

HAN University of Applied Sciences from Nijmegen is the co-ordinator of the project called “Community development in Croatia; education for students and professionals in social work”.

The Faculty of Law in Zagreb, together with the Social Work Study programme, is also involved in the project. The academic level of the project supplements and extends the course Social Work in the Community, as well as initiates the postgraduate specialist study programme in the field of social work in the community and community development.

The Centre for Civil Initiatives implements two pilot-projects in the city boroughs of Karlovac and Petrinja as an example of positive practice. This is a practical part of the course in which students take an active part.For more about it, visit: and

LAG Una-Sana

In a partnership with LAG, a cross-border cooperation project with Bosnia and Herzegovina is being implemented within the IPA IIb component 2007-2013. The aim of the project is to encourage the development of the rural cross-border area potential, which will lead to the development of the joint tourist offer. For more information, see:

Krapinsko-zagorska County Associations Network

In cooperation with the Krapinsko-zagorska County Associations Network, we are implementing the project Platform to the Nth Power, which aims to strengthen less sustainable NGO networks by providing support to vulnerable groups. The project will determine the potential of more than 600 associations in Krapinsko-zagorska and Karlovačka County. The associations will also be taught continuous development using new tools for self-evaluation and independent monitoring of progress in projects and their organisation. For more information on the Network, see:

Public Open University in Duga Resa

The POU in Duga Resa is a permanent partner in education projects for vocations in rural areas and educational re-qualification programmes for persons who have been unemployed for a long time. Under the motto of Through Education to Work, the CCI and POU in Duga Resa organised training sessions for ecologic farmers, rural tourist animators and computer operators, all within the IPA IV Human Potential Development component. For more information, see:

Association IKS

Along with the association IKS (Association for Promoting Computer Science, Culture and Coexistence) and a partnership agreement with the National Civil Society Development Foundation, the CCI has entered the fourth year of the implementation of the E-mission programme, which provides information, counselling and training to NGOs from four counties of the central Croatia and the City of Zagreb. The E-mission website provides news about the funding and open tenders for associations and other civil society organisations. See links: and


CCI primjenjuje sustav upravljanja kvalitetom u procesima usmjerenim organizacijama civilnog društva, dionicima lokalne zajednice i inicijativama građana.

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CCI primjenjuje sustav upravljanja kvalitetom u procesima usmjerenim organizacijama civilnog društva, dionicima lokalne zajednice i inicijativama građana.

Program regionalnog razvoja civilnoga društva