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Institutional support to the organization since 1998.

The Foundation supports the work of the Center for Civil Initiatives in the area of local community development, stimulating youth initiatives on greater involvement in social life of communities, stimulating corporate social responsibility, rural development and development of philantrophy in rural communities of Central Croatia.


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european_unionTHE EUROPEAN UNION

Projects funded by the EU

“The new democratic approaches to a community development in Banovina” financed through the CARDS 2002 program
“Challenging unemployment in deprived rural areas of Croatia”
financed through the PHARE 2005 program
“Awakening of citizens responsibility with a support of CSOs“ financed through the PHARE 2006 program
“Platform (Strengthening Organizational Networks’ Gaps“)
Project funded by the EU under the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) 2011/2012
„A Gate to the Labour Market for Socially Marginalized People” Project funded by the EU under IPA Component IV – Human Resources
“Revival of Cross-Border Partnership through Rural Development“ Project funded by the EU under IPA Cross-Border Programme Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina 2007-2013


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“Building a proactive plan for the Civic Network Central Eastern Europe”

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international_rescue_cometeeINTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE

“Strengthening the capacity of local NGOs in Western Slavonia”

Royal Netherlands Embassy MATRA program – project is implemented in partnership with the HAN University from Nijmegen, Netherlands and Faculty of Law, Social Work Studies at the Zagreb University.


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“Revitalization of local communities and their economies”

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mvp_euro_integracijaMinistry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration

“Applying EU standards in implementation of CARDS 2002 program in Sisak-moslavina and Karlovac Counties”

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min_obiteljiMinistry of Family, Veterans and Intergenerational Solidarity

“Supporting preschool children for school obligations in remote rural areas of the municipality of Vojnić”

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min_zdravstvaMinistry of Health and Social Care

A new model of citizen participation in addressing the social needs of citizens in the area of special national interest”

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nacionalna_zaklada_razvoj_civilnog_drustvaNational Foundation for Civil Society

Institutional support for stabilization and/or development of the organization (PP-6) in the period of 2005-2007

„Strengthening influence of citizens in decisión making processess in rural communities“ project financed through PP-4 program area Democratization and civil society development 2008.

Memorandum of partnership in implementation of Regional Development Program and capacity building of civil society organizations on local and regional level; Program e-misija covers the area of the Town of Zagreb and 4 counties of županije središnje Hrvatske te se provodi u suradnji s partneskom organizacijom , Udrugom IKS u razdoblju od 2009.-2011.


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osceOSCE – The Organization for Security and Cooperation, OSCE Mission to Croatia

“Building the capacity of local councils of local boards, councils in rural communities, Sisak and Karlovac County”

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“Supporting the initiatives of young people in democratic change in society”

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“The new democratic approach to the development community in Banovina”

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netherlandsRoyal Netherlands Embassy MATRA KAP program

“Promoting a culture of giving and philanthropy in local communities”
“Quality Partnerships in the community through the development of corporate social responsibility”

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