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Our workshop on EU projects raised big interest

Over thirty members and representatives of CSOs from Karlovac County attended the workshop on writing and managing EU funded projects. The workshop was organized by the Center for Civil Initiatives within the programme E-misija. The workshop was held at the Youth Center in Grabrik (Karlovac), and some of the issues chosen for practical work were rehabilitation of children with malignant diseases, developing of rural entrepreneurial center for youth, forming creative music content for youth in Karlovac, helping agricultural workers to build up capacities and enter the market and protecting consumers` rights. The workshop leader is Mario Protulipac and during the 9 – day programme, the participants will learn more about the foundations of using EU funds, logical framework approach and project design. The participants were representatives of CSOs form Karlovac, Duga Resa, Ogulin, Krnjak, Kamanje, Rečica and Vojnić.

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