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Fair of traditional products and services and „Polenta without Borders“ in Gvozd

On July 2nd 2012, the Market and the Rural Tourist Info Center in Gvozd hosted two interesting events.

The Center for Civil Initiatives organited a Fair of traditional products and services with presentations of local agricultural cooperatives, farms and civil society organizations. There were 25 participants in the Fair: OPG Dragojević, OPG Jerosimić, Suncokret – Community Development Center, First Women`s Cooperative Božur, the Eko Sense Association, PZ Kozarac- goat cheese, LAG Petrova Gora, the Center for Civil Initiatives, Primary school Gvozd, Women`s Association „Izvor“ Topusko, OPG Jelača Radomir, OPG Džakula Rodoljub, Association Most Perna, Women`s Group Vojnić and Association Breza Krnjak, Vratarić Josip, LAG Una – Sana, Mirko Klasan, OPG Mioković, County Association of Vegetable Farmers „VRT“, Ecological OPG Robert Poturica, Multiple Sclerosis Association of Krapinsko zagorska County, Youth Association K.R.I.D. Petrinja, Ranko Zinaja and OPG Dragić Rade –a farm in Slavsko polje.

The Fair received around 400 visitors from Gvozd, Glina, Petrinja and Zagreb area. The Tourist Board of Karlovačka County invited the people from Karlovac to visit the Fair and a certain number of visitors attended. Various products were offered at the Fair: cheese, honey, variety of souvenirs, felting wool products (Krnjak), jewelery (K.R.I.D. Association) and many others. The special feature of the Fair was the participation of Multiple Sclerosis Association of Krapinsko-Zagorska County who came to support the event and present the work made by their members during creative workshops. LAG Una-Sana, the partner of CCI in the Cross-Border Cooperation Project with Bosnia and Herzegovina presented their traditional souvenirs and products – wood art, carpets, etc., which attracted many visitors.

The gastro event „Polenta without Borders“ also raised big interest. 10 contestors prepared imaginative dishes with cornmeal as the main ingredient. The participants were: First Women`s Cooperative Božur, Ecological Society Pan-Karlovac, Suncokret – Community Development Center, Association Breza Krnjak Women`s Group Vojnić, Most Perna, the Eko Sense Association, OPG Dragojević, Primary school Gvozd and Women`s Association „Izvor“ Topusko.
The jury consisted of three members: Robert Baćac, a distinguished Croatian rural development expert from Istria; Slavica Gregurić, the president of the Tourist Bord Topusko and Alan Redžić form LAG Una-Sana from Bosanska Krupa. The Women`s Group Vojnić received the highest ranking from the jury and was awarded a „Polenta Chef Award“, as well as a big cornmeal ladle sized 120 cm with an imprint „My polenta is the best“. Other participants received a diploma and a cornmeal ladle with an imprint „My polenta is good too“.

For this occasion, CCI presented the cookbook „Polenta Without Borders“ with more than 25 recipes on 70 pages and with more than 60 photographs. We presented a variety of Croatian, regional and world recipes, and more importantly, we prepared all these dishes ourselves and added our photos and comments. The cookbook is available in our office, so get your copy and set off on a culinary trip around the world.

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