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Citizens define social development priorities in Duga Resa

Within preparations for the call of proposals „Together for the better“ (Zajedno za bolje) by the National Foundations for Civil Society Development, the first gathering of citizens was held on September 20th in Duga Resa. Over 50 citizens, representatives of the local authorities, companies, associations and other social development stakeholders attended this gathering.

The first speaker was the mayor of Duga Resa Ivan Barčić, who emphasized the readiness of the local authorities to engage in a quality dialogue with citizents on the content of the prospective social project. He stressed the financial support of the town of Duga Resa with 130.000 kn. The town authorities also want to support the citizens` right to decide on the purpose of financial support in the local community.

Milan Medić from the Center for Civil Initiatives then presented the main criteria of the call for proposals and later on there was a public discussion with active citizens` participation.

The proposals for investing in social programmes were various: from cleaning the bathing area and source of drinking water in the town surroundings, construction of the summer stage in the town park to arranging the cinema hall for hosting public discussions or taking advantage of the local jazz festival for a better international and local promotion of Duga Resa.
With this gathering, the dialogue is not finished but has just started. The small working groups for the elaboration of project proposals will meet on a regular basis in the local government premises during the afternoon. Town officials in charge of making these premises available, were identified at the gathering. In the morning, these officials will help in the decision – making process with collecting infomation to be used in the afternoon meetings (prices, providers, etc.).

Radio Mrežnica provided media coverage for this project, and we thank them for it. Visit their web page where you can read and hear more about the public counseling of citizens and local associations.

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